Amanco is the most important producer company of PVC pipes in Latin America.
The company products provide safe drinking water and sanitation in developing countries. The brief requested a campaign with a social concept that includes the people needs and their cry out for a change. The campaign was designed to reflect Amanco’s vision of a world in which all people deserves the access to clean water. It’s about a fair world with equal opportunities. The strength of the concept “Latin America is thirsty” permitted the campaign to be published all over the region including Brazil.

First World. Third World. Isn´t it the same World? Latin America is thirsty.
Don´t we pursuit the progress. Let´s reach it. Latin America is thirsty.
Only on fertile ground the opportunities can grow up. Latin America is thirsty.
We don´t need a better future. We need a future. Latin America is thirsty.

Art Direction